Professional Grade Water Repellents and
Sealers for All Masonry Surfaces

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MasonrySaver products can be used to treat many different types of masonry surfaces. Click the project below to choose your surface type.

Provides a rich satin sheen to your pavers, giving them a wet look. It also stabilizes the joint sand and prevents weed growth.
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Protect your driveway from water penetration and damage caused by de-icing salts.
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Seal and protect your garage floor from oil stains, dirt and debris. Keep it looking great all year long.
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Protect your stained concrete patio with this clear protective sealer.
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Seal and protect finishes on interior concrete floors from wear and tear from foot traffic.
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Protect chimneys from damage caused by water penetration with these breathable water repellents.
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Prevent water penetration coming through brick walls with 100% breathable masonry water repellents.
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Protect and waterproof porous concrete block with these higher solids water repellents.
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Protect interior concrete floors with a rich, gloss sheen that resists dirt and floor scuffing.
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Clean dirt, mildew and other stains from concrete, masonry or stone surfaces.
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Seal your interior brick walls to minimize brick dust, and make them easier to clean.
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Remove oil and grease stains from concrete and masonry.
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